Simple solutions to

health & safety in construction

With the goal posts constantly changing and ever-increasing demands for evidence and reporting from your clients, it's no wonder you're feeling frustrated by it all

Advanced Safety, Health & Safety, E learning, Safety Training, Health and Safety Best Practice

Move away from leaving things to chance and endless hours chasing lost safety files on the computer

The truth is

The health and safety at work act doesn't require an avalanche of paperwork nor does it mean we can't get the job done quickly or profitably -  it's the so-called experts and guru's that have over complicated things and made an industry out of selling door jammer manuals and folders that sit on your shelf gathering dust.

Put the power back in the hands of your team and ensure you have the evidence needed to successfully tackle even the most demanding of

pre-qualification schemes.


Whether it's SiteWise, PreQual, ISNetWorld, or Safe365 we've got your back.

Advanced Safety, Health & Safety, E learning, Safety Training, Health and Safety Best Practice
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Designed to match the requirements of the health and safety at work act and all major pre-qualification schemes

Smart phone reporting, checklists and surveys

Oversight, improvement setting and action tracking

Take advantage of our free initial consult - no expectations, simply an opportunity to ask questions and discover if Advanced Safety is a good match for your business requirements.

Their personable approach has made it easy to understand the legal requirements and how to implement the best health and safety practices applicable for our business.


Advanced Safety is practicable and reasonable, see’s people for people and does not treat them as just another number. They genuinely care about people and the success of their business in getting all of their workers home safely at the end of each day.



Stephanie Cerpa

National Health & Safety Manager

Contract Construction

They have a unique ability to communicate H&S laws or obligations in a simplified manner, turning the greyer areas of H&S into something we can all understand.


Our H&S procedures are less about paperwork and more about involving tradesmen so that we go beyond the minimum standards and actually tackle the biggest hazards on our site in a practical manner, involving the people who are exposed to the hazards the most in the formation of site level procedures.

We would recommend Matt and Advanced Safety for anyone’s H&S needs, without any hesitation.

Russel Hatcher


Cubo Projects