Health & Safety Professionals

New Zealand

The Health & Safety Professionals New Zealand (HSPNZ) provides a space to share ideas, meet and network with peers - for both new and experienced professionals.

HSPNZ's purpose is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and strengthen our community.

Training - Courses & Providers

Training paths that we recommend and providers that have been recommended to us...lots of great links and ideas.

Health & Safety Organisations

What organisations, industry bodies and institutes are out there? Follow the link to hear about some of the groups designed to support, educate and nurture your careers.

Video Training

An ever expanding library of fantastic presentations and educational material. Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some top quality tuition.

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Up & Coming HSPNZ Regional Meetings


Christchurch - HSPNZ meeting

EPIC Centre,

76/106 Manchester St,

Christchurch Central,

Christchurch 8011


Queenstown - HSPNZ meeting



Auckland - HSPNZ meeting



Wellington - HSPNZ meeting


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HSPNZ regional groups meet regularly throughout the country.

What can you expect from the 60minute sessions?


The agenda provides the opportunity to introduce ourselves and hear a little more about each other.


We invite a member of the group to provide a ten minute presentation on their topic of expertise. The group then breaks into 4-6 in order for us all to have up to 5 minutes each to discuss our successes, hurdles and seek advice from our peers. We then do a quick wrap up and make plans for the next meeting. 

Below is a list of the up and coming sessions.