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If you want to turn your knowledge and experience into a real health and safety business or want to fast track your results in the workplace, this Master Class is what you have been waiting for.

First, The Truth.

The information I'm sharing with you is not off-the shelf, run of the mill content.

​I have the benefit of over a decade in practice.

​The material in the master class is a product of that experience.

The real world examples I refer to in the content and the stories I will share in our private class group calls are from real experience.

Your results will depend on how much energy you are prepared to dedicate to the 6 week course.

If you're looking for a tick-the-box training program, this Master Class is NOT for you.

With that's super simple...Let me show you.

What You're Getting

This is dramatically different to any online health and safety course you may have done in the past because it cuts through the fluff and immediately gets down to actionable insight, guidance and direction.

You will be encouraged to keep going every step of the way thanks to our live group calls, private class Facebook Group and weekly action steps.

Not a 'rag's-to-riches' story


But I still think it's worth sharing.

In 2016 I left my role as a National Health and Safety Manager for a State Owned Enterprise to join forces with an old colleague who had his own health and safety consultancy. Eight weeks in and I got half the pay I was expecting, by week 12 I received no pay. It turned out there wasn't enough work for me so I chose to establish my own consultancy.

With our savings diminishing quickly and armed with just a laptop and phone, I created Advanced Safety and did what no one else was doing. I provided valuable advice for free on social media and created an online platform for health and safety practitioners to communicate.

In a short time I established a small client base and haven't looked back since.

The lessons learned, the people I have met and the incredible partnerships I am now proud to be a part of is what I will share with you on this course.

Systematic Approach

ISO45001 in 2016 was still in its draft stages but I made the decision to align everything that Advanced Safety was creating to that standard. While most were still hanging their hats on AS/NZS4801 and the ACC WSMP scheme, I recognised how the draft standard had at its very core the importance of meaningful leadership and real participation of the workforce. My personal development has been deliberately shaped by that ever since.



I get it, anyone can buy a copy of the ISO standard and create a system from it.

Most people make the mistake of over complicating it - hence why I often hear people say that ISO45001 is for big commercial business only.

But it can be incredibly simple and I will share with you the key documents that turn it from 'manual that sits on a shelf gathering dust', to a system that a company of any size, lives and breathes.

Just a fraction of what you will gain from the 6 week course

Define your core values

Master the fundamentals of neuroscience

Discover the neuroscience of safety

Public speaking and the importance of why

Explore The Golden Circle

Become an effective listener

How to win over the Board and Executive

Know the fundamentals of ISO45001

Bring ISO45001 to life

Become part of a community of like minds