COVID-19 Response

Keeping health and safety simple

Advanced Safety are proud to be recognised as an essential service provider

to our clients and partners

The COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan



  • Work From Home Policy

  • COVID-19 Safe Work Policy

  • COVID-19 Safe Work Methodology Statement

  • Return to Work Checklist


Plus comprehensive electronic training - accessible anywhere, anytime - designed to ensure you have everything you need to manage your COVID response


Comprehensive FREE Checklist

for all business leaders

  • Health & Safety

  • Business Continuity

  • Human Resources

Live Interview Series with the subject matter experts

Critical insight and lessons that will dramatically reduce the impact to your business


Business Continuity Management Plans & Safe Work Methodology Statements

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The course includes
  1. Covid-19 Information Training
  2. Working from home
  3. Health and Safety: the basics
Certificate of completion awarded
to all successful candidates

Online learning that can be undertaken at your pace at your inconvenience