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Dusty text books, lengthy words and mindless acronyms are little use in today's changing world
Keeping Health and Safety Simple

Radio shows and podcasts

Designed for Individuals and Business

Health and Safety Unplugged

For two years Advanced Safety has sponsored and founding director, Matt Jones has presented the monthly radio show and podcast. Featuring guest interviews, latest news and pragmatic advice for business owners and health and safety advisors for New Zealand and beyond.

Business Leaders New Zealand

What began as a professional group on LinkedIn has in 2020 also become a fortnightly radio show and podcast. Designed for forward thinking business owners, executive and emerging leaders.

Guest Interviews

"A conversation with Matt Jones, Health and Safety Leader and Founder of NZHSP." The Travelling Ergonomist | Kirtsy Angerer


Live webinars


Our Mission

To be the most professional, creative and helpful health and safety consultancy in the country

We're achieving this by going back to the drawing board, creating products that are leading edge and above all else simple. Our authentic approach has enabled us to develop relationships with a broad range of partners, secure relationships with some of the best software and service providers in the world, and create a leading team of professional consultants.

All underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.17 'Partnerships for the goals'.

Live Facebook Interviews

Utilising technology to bring value,

insight and advice - live on Facebook.

Inspired by the Covid-19 lock-down Advanced Safety Founding Director ran a series of live interviews with professional guest speakers (from NZ to as far away as the UK).


Online Professional Groups

Business Leaders New Zealand

Founded in 2016

Created by Matt the professional group began life on LinkedIn. It now has a growing presence on Facebook and a fortnightly radio show/podcast.

New Zealand Health and Safety Professionals

Founded in 2016

Matt simultaneously created the professional group on LinkedIn and now has a very strong presence on Facebook. It too has and a monthly radio show/podcast called "Health and Safety Unplugged".


Conferences and Keynote Presentations

Organiser and MC of the NZHSP Conferences 2018 and 2019


Social Media

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