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Matt is the Director/Principal Consultant of Advanced Safety, Board Member of the Canterbury Safety Charter, Founder of the Business Leaders New Zealand, Founder of the New Zealand Health and Safety Professionals, radio host of 'Health and Safety Unplugged' and 'Business Leaders New Zealand', and one of the first health and safety professionals to become Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) registered.

Father of five, mentor and volunteer, he's passionate about helping individuals and teams find their confidence and business owners discover what they are truly capable of. Regularly producing value loaded information and content on radio, social media, live web-based events and public talks, everything he does is intended to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The reason? To turn the current tide of preventable workplace fatalities in New Zealand and beyond.

Mike Davies

Health and Safety Advisor

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Member NZISM


Steve Schroder

Health and Safety Advisor

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Melissa Dunstan

Health and Safety Advisor

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Matt Jones


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Ensuring you get the best service - wherever you are in the country, we have developed a strong network of excellent health and safety professionals nationwide


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To be the most professional, creative and helpful health and safety consultancy in the country

We're achieving this by going back to the drawing board, creating products that are leading edge and above all else simple. Our authentic approach has enabled us to develop relationships with a broad range of partners, secure relationships with some of the best software and service providers in the world, and create a leading team of professional consultants.