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Matt from Advanced Safety is a health & safety professional with all the credentials to move a business from nothing to having a fully functioning world class system to use as a platform for excellence. Friendly and experienced in his field, Matt created a quality package to enable my company to get SiteWise Accreditation and the confidence to approach any job or business knowing that all things health and safety were covered.


Steve Beek

Managing Director
NZ Flow Ltd

I participated in Matt's webinar today and found it timely, inspiring and informative. He keeps it simple and real yet covers the complexity of health and safety fully.


I can confidently recommend Advanced Safety to all, but don't just take my word for it

- check Matt and his team out and make your own informed decision.


Bill Nelson

Health & Safety Advisor
Waitiki Council




Health and Safety


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Health and Safety is an integral part of your business. Strong health and safety capability results in less injury, reduced turnover, increased productivity and increased employee engagement.


Answer these 10 quick questions to check your health and safety heartbeat. Just like your annual health check-up, you don't know what you don't know...until you know.  


Let us help you identify areas for improvement and congratulate you on the things you are doing well. 

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