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Advanced Safety's Strategic Partnership with Safe365

Transforming Health and Safety Together

In 2017, Advanced Safety made a strategic decision to partner with Safe365, a move that has significantly enhanced our capacity to deliver comprehensive health and safety solutions to our clients. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing the best in class services in health and safety management.

Why Safe365?

Safe365 offers a transformative approach to health and safety practices. Their software enables businesses to:

  • Assess health and safety performance effectively.

  • Implement a tailored improvement roadmap and action plan.

  • Benchmark performance both internally and externally.

  • Engage key personnel across the business spectrum.

  • Manage and track daily risks, creating supply chain visibility and assurance.

  • Standardise pre-qualification and industry-wide accreditations​


This aligns perfectly with Advanced Safety's ethos of keeping health and safety simple and effective, tailored specifically for project management and construction businesses​.

​Complementing Advanced Safety’s Services

Our services, including pre-qualifications, safety plans, contractor management, site inspections, system implementation, and team training, find a strong ally in Safe365's offerings​.

​The Safe365 platform enables us to enhance these services with data-driven insights and benchmarks, further ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients' workplaces.

Client Testimonial: The Safe365 Impact

Safe365 has positively impacted over 8,500 organizations worldwide. One notable testimonial from Hind Management highlights how Safe365 has enhanced their safety performance, visibility, and assurance of processes and procedures, significantly benefiting their employees​.

Advanced Safety’s Commitment to Excellence

At Advanced Safety, we are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients. For instance, Melissa Dunstan from Cook Brothers Construction commended our comprehensive audit and actionable insights that improved their health and safety system​.

Similarly, Stef Cerpa from Contract Construction noted our founder Matt Jones' expertise in developing health and safety practices that are easy to understand and implement​.

A Partnership for the Future

Our partnership with Safe365 is more than just a strategic business decision; it represents a shared vision of enhancing health and safety practices across New Zealand. Together, we are committed to making workplaces safer and more compliant, while also ensuring that health and safety management is an integral and seamless part of every business we work with.

For more information on how our partnership with Safe365 can benefit your business contact us directly for a free discovery call​.


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