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Pre-qualifications, contractor management & safety policy

Health and Safety for small business

Keeping Health & Safety Simple

We continue to help small businesses in New Zealand meet prequalification health and safety standards including Sitewise, Impac Pre-Qual, Qualify365 & Tōtika. Remove the guesswork and get you back to what you do best.

Health and safety for small businesses.
A policy that speaks your language

Too often small businesses are sold manuals that sit on a shelf gathering dust providing no value to anyone.

Our Safety Shield Defender package speaks your language and is complemented with an implementation roadmap, simple action plan & guaranteed coaching time with our team.

Begin your health and safety journey TODAY.

Increase Your Bottom Line

LJ Brick and Block were struggling to know what good health and safety looked like and on the brink of losing their biggest deal to date.

"We had been offered a massive contract but we had no health and safety evidence to get it over the line."

Lee Fidow, Director
LJ Brick & Block

Advanced Safety walked them through an initial deep dive assessment to identify their quick wins and get the team onboard the mission.

LJ Brick and Block provided Advanced Safety the opportunity to introduce a new health and safety system to their team.

The health and safety policy and recommended electronic reporting platform was designed to speak the language of the company and made health and safety simple.  

The evidence required for their Tōtika assessment was soon generated with everyone's efforts being captured in their reports and safety meetings.

Within six months the team secured Tōtika status and won their biggest contract days later.

"Thanks to Matt and his team, we gained Tōtika ...the guys continue to be engaged and reporting health and safety regularly."

Lee Fidow, Director
LJ Brick & Block

Health and safety shouldn't be complicated, it should reflect the shape and scale of your business. When done right, you will experience the financial upsides and see your team engage in safe behavior in no time at all.

The Process - start to finish

Health and Safety for small business. We can help!

We can't make health & safety go away but we can make it easier.

Whether you are seeking a packaged solution, just a few hours per month service or a one-off project; we can provide:

  • Health and Safety system and policy review, refresh and embed

  • Mobile reporting, incident management and sign in/sign out

  • Contractor pre-qualification (Sitewise, Impac Pre-Qual, Qualify365, Tōtika)

  • Safety toolbox talks and facilitation

  • Worksite inspections

  • JSA / SWMS creation

  • Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP) population

  • Workshop training (health and safety duty holders, incident management & reporting)

Empower your business and enable your team to take responsibility for themselves and their workmates.

Front-Foot Health and Safety for small businesses
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What our clients have to say ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Advanced Safety has been brilliant to work with allowing our business to review our internal H&S policies and protocols but in a way that is not overwhelming or reinventing the wheel. Providing clear and detailed instructions of what was needed for out Tōtika Application has been greatly appreciated
- we now have a score we can be proud of."

Ashlea Bitanga ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Rollex Medical NZ


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