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Advanced Safety's Strategic Partnership with Site App Pro

Pioneering Simplicity in Health and Safety Management

Advanced Safety is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Site App Pro, a leading health and safety solution known for its simplicity and effectiveness. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to provide streamlined, efficient health and safety solutions to our clients.

Why Site App Pro?

Site App Pro is renowned for its robust health and safety management capabilities across various industries. Its features include:

  • Form Builder and Scheduler: Simplifies health and safety documentation with a user-friendly form builder and scheduler​

  • Contractor Management: Efficiently manages contractor, supplier, and visitor details, enhancing the safety and compliance of external stakeholders​

  • Centralized H&S Management: Provides a central dashboard for comprehensive health and safety management, tracking performance, and identifying potential issues​

  • Fast Reporting Tools: Enables quick generation of reports and data visualizations, keeping businesses informed about their health and safety status​

  • Better Compliance: Facilitates easy compliance with health and safety regulations through a mobile app, allowing staff to report hazards, plan toolbox talks, and access documentation​

  • Desktop and Mobile Integration: Offers seamless integration between mobile and web-based platforms for site check-ins, hazard acknowledgments, and reporting​

The Impact of Site App Pro

Site App Pro has made significant strides in health and safety management, covering over 189,000 work sites and completing more than 2.4 million health and safety forms. With a 98% customer happiness rating, it's evident that Site App Pro effectively meets the needs of its users​

​One testimonial highlights how it simplifies safety program management and enhances communication between clients and consultants. 

Advanced Safety and Site App Pro: A Synergistic Partnership

This partnership with Site App Pro enhances Advanced Safety's service offerings, enabling us to provide an even more comprehensive health and safety management solution. By integrating Site App Pro's technology and features, we can offer our clients a more efficient, user-friendly way to manage health and safety responsibilities.

Together Towards a Safer Future

Our alliance with Site App Pro represents a shared vision to make health and safety management as seamless and effective as possible. We are proud to offer our clients the combined expertise and innovative solutions of Advanced Safety and Site App Pro.


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