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Health & Safety Risk Management
Canterbury / South Island

Neil Joubert
Risk Management Canterbury

Highly skilled in occupational health and safety risk management with extensive experience in commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Health and Safety Risk Management Canterbury. Dedicated to propelling businesses toward success

With vast expertise in health and safety and construction, Neil blends professionalism with his approachability, offering seamless navigation from board counsel to hands-on implementation.

His global perspective ensures adaptable solutions, integrating unique insights from the construction sector. Neil serves as a vital link between boardroom decisions and practical on the ground risk management, demystifying health and safety complexities.

He advocates for proactive safety measures, fostering a united commitment to a safer future. Proudly affiliated with industry organisations, Neil inspires cultural transformation, encouraging individual ownership of safety and aiming to elevate overall business culture and reputation.

What Neil's Clients Say

Johnny Waite, Operations Director
National Group

Lucas Cawte
Chief Executive, Rainer

"Everyone found this session extremely valuable.  You do a great job in your presentation in making this both insightful and relevant to the audience.  The staff particularly appreciated your mix of showing both the legislative aspects while putting this into practical and understandable terms."

Lesley Vehikite
Master Vili Traffic Management

"We are very happy with the services delivered by Neil and acknowledged his flexibility and patience during their engagement.  Neil was very understanding especially with our busy schedules and made the extra effort to go through the details of the WHSMS.  He went above and beyond for us."

Victoria Taufa
Black Diamond Asphalt and Concrete Services

"The best part of the experience is how clear and easy you have explained everything to us. 

We are now confident we are meeting our roles and responsibilities for the safety of our employers and everyone else involved in our business."

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Contact Neil
H&S Risk Management 

Have a pressing question? No problem -
Neil Joubert, Health and Safety Consultant, Canterbury

E: M: 027 362 2366

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