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Season 3

Episode 8 with Jen Dransfield: H&S Advisor at Naylor Love Canterbury, Finalist Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year 2023, NZHSP Facilitator

Transforming Health and Safety Practices

"Find a community of other health and safety people... don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make use of the people around you." Jen Dransfield

With over a decade of experience in various health and safety roles, including officer, consultant, and trainer, Jen Dransfield has worked for government-funded organisations and as a manager. She has a unique perspective on health and safety practices, bringing a fresh outlook and how health and safety in practice looks like.

Here are our top takeaways:

Regional Adaptation of Health and Safety Directives:
Jen emphasises the importance of interpreting and applying health and safety directives regionally to suit local environments, balancing instruction with the flexibility to create value for specific areas.

Innovative Approaches and Learning from Different Industries:
Jen discusses the significance of innovating and learning from other industries to improve health and safety practices. She highlights the value of adapting ideas for local application and the benefits of trial and error.

Emphasis on Psychological Safety and Community Engagement:
Jen touches on the importance of psychological safety for health and safety professionals and the value of community involvement in the industry. This includes sharing knowledge, asking questions, and leveraging the insights of others.

Importance of Practical Consultation and Risk Assessment:
Jen criticises superficial consultation processes and underscores the need for meaningful engagement with people to inform them and empower them to make safe decisions. She also notes the significance of assessing risks in a practical and effective manner, beyond just compliance.

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