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Advanced Safety's Partnership with Qualify365 and Tōtika

Elevating Contractor Management Standards

In our continuous endeavor to enhance health and safety standards, Advanced Safety proudly partners with Qualify365 and embraces the Tōtika scheme. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in streamlining contractor management and prequalification processes.

Qualify365: A Game Changer in Contractor Prequalification

Qualify365, an industry-leading service by Safe365, is accredited by Tōtika and offers a comprehensive solution for managing health and safety prequalification, thus reducing supply chain risk. It serves as a warrant of fitness for contractors, ensuring they meet the required health and safety standards. Key features of Qualify365 include:

  • A single, industry-wide standard with Gold accreditation from Tōtika.

  • One assessment process applicable for multiple clients.

  • Quick, efficient turnaround time without premium fees.

  • Direct contact with assessors for guidance and improvement​


Tōtika: Simplifying Prequalification Processes

Tōtika, New Zealand's first and only nationally-recognized, cross-industry prequalification scheme, was developed to address inefficiencies in the procurement process caused by diverse pre-qualification standards. It provides a streamlined, single-framework prequalification process, reducing unnecessary costs, complexity, and repetition. This simplification is a significant advantage for businesses like KiwiRail, which have experienced direct benefits from using Tōtika​

Advanced Safety’s Approach to Contractor Management

At Advanced Safety, we understand the criticality of effective contractor management. The partnership with Qualify365 and Tōtika aligns seamlessly with our core services and values, offering enhanced visibility and control over contractor health and safety capabilities. This integration ensures that our clients not only comply with health and safety regulations but also excel in them.

The Impact of Our Partnerships

The collaboration with Qualify365 and Tōtika reinforces our commitment to delivering top-tier health and safety solutions. It streamlines the contractor prequalification process, making it more efficient and effective. This, in turn, provides our clients with the assurance that their contractors are compliant and up to date with the latest health and safety standards.

Moving Forward Together

Our alliance with Qualify365 and Tōtika exemplifies Advanced Safety’s dedication to advancing health and safety practices in New Zealand. By incorporating these robust prequalification systems, we are not just enhancing our service offerings but also contributing to a safer, more compliant industry.

For more information on how our partnerships can benefit your business, feel free to reach out to us for a detailed discussion.


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