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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health and Safety

Health & Safety Webinar

AI in Health and Safety

"As Artificial Intelligence technology evolves, so does its role in health and safety. We're moving beyond theoretical applications to practical, real-world solutions that save time, reduce risks, and open new possibilities for safer work environments." Matt Jones

Join founder of the New Zealand Health and Safety Professionals and Managing Director of Advanced Safety as he delves deep into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence in health and safety management. Discover how AI is revolutionising the sector, from automating routine tasks to crafting comprehensive safety policies. You'll learn about real-world examples, explore the ethical dimensions and privacy concerns of AI, and get a glimpse into a future where AI not only supports but enhances our health and safety standards. Whether you're a professional in the field or just keen on the intersection of technology and safety, this webinar offers valuable insights and forward-thinking perspectives.Here are our top takeaways:

AI Applications in Health and Safety: The talk delves into various AI technologies being used in the field, such as generative AI for language mastery and their practical applications in creating content like social media posts, policies, and safety procedures. It also touches on the limitations of AI, particularly in generating visual content.

Case Studies and Examples: Matt provides real-world examples of AI in action, like the use of Boston Dynamics' 'Spot' the robot by Turner Construction for site walk-throughs. This highlights the rapid advancement and potential cost-efficiency of AI technology in health and safety, drawing parallels with the evolution of other technologies like electric cars.

Ethical and Privacy Concerns: The presentation addresses significant concerns about AI, including ethical considerations and privacy issues. It emphasises the importance of being cautious about the information fed into AI systems like ChatGPT, as it could inadvertently become public.

Engagement and Future Directions: The session concludes with a focus on engaging the audience with AI, showcasing its benefits and fun aspects while stressing the need for continuous learning and adaptation. The importance of human input in AI systems and the potential risks and rewards of AI in the health and safety sector are underscored.

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