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Season 3

Episode 3 with DeAnne Brabant:
Special Counsel, Independent Investigator, Mediator, Litigation: Civil, Employment, RMA law, Health & Safety Champion, Associate Teaching Fellow, Massey University.

"When it comes to overlapping duty holders... you need to consult, coordinate, and cooperate. Discuss the risks, the likelihood of harm, and what controls to be implemented. It's about synergism and coming up with better solutions together." DeAnne Brabant

DeAnne is an experienced litigation lawyer, responsible for the employment team at Shieff Angland. Prior to that she was a barrister and worked for IRD and WorkSafe NZ, appearing as counsel in both criminal prosecutions and civil cases. Her experience includes appearances in various jurisdictions including the Family Court, Employment Court, District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. In addition, DeAnne is skilled in investigating complaints and employment matters, mediation, crisis management, conducting investigations, advising on policy, regulatory practice, safety management corporate governance and leadership.She is strong advocate for educating health and safety practitioners and business owners on the intricacies of the Health and Safety at Work Act and subsequent regulations.

Here are our top takeaways:

Human Factor in Safety:
The discussion highlights the human factors in workplace safety, beyond just paperwork. It stresses the need for workers to understand safety procedures and their implementation in the actual work environment.

Legal and Risk Management:
The podcast touches on legal aspects of health and safety, such as the importance of understanding one's duties under the law, and managing risks effectively. It also discusses the complexities of overlapping duties among different stakeholders.

Case Studies and Real-World Examples:
The conversation includes references to real-life incidents, like the Whakaari / White Island court case, illustrating the practical implications and challenges in health and safety management.

Best Practices and Recommendations:
The episode provides insights into best practices, such as conducting effective risk assessments, ensuring proper training, and the importance of genuine engagement in health and safety processes for meaningful outcomes, and effective safety management.

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