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Season 3

Episode 5 with Michael Philpott:
Professor of Practice Neuro Inclusive Communication & Training Specialist & ADHD Advocate.
Unleashing Limitless Potential

Unlocking Health and Safety Presentation Skills

"Health and safety is not just at work, it's everywhere. We tie it back to the bigger picture, showing how a fantastic introduction about the positive outcomes and life-changing stuff that health and safety bring can shift perspectives."  Michael Philpott

Renowned expert in the realm of public speaking, with a particular focus on enhancing audience engagement and effective communication. He has a unique ability to transform the perception of difficult topics like health and safety, making them more accessible and engaging. His approach involves utilising pre-framing techniques to positively influence audience perceptions and creating a supportive environment for open dialogue.

Here are our top takeaways:

Overcoming Presentation Challenges:
Michael emphasises the importance of pre-framing presentations to manage audience perceptions and discusses strategies for engaging audiences who may be skeptical or uninterested in health and safety training topics.

Audience Engagement Techniques:
The discussion covers techniques to reframe negative perceptions of health and safety training, and methods to engage and energise audiences, including reshaping introductions and using inclusive, relatable content.

Impact of Presentation Skills on Health and Safety Training Outcomes:
Michael and Matt explore how effective communication and presentation skills can lead to better understanding and implementation of health and safety practices, emphasising the role of authenticity and vulnerability in connecting with audiences.

Professional Development and Learning:
The episode concludes with insights into continuous improvement in presentation skills, the importance of preparation, and the role of self-awareness and authenticity in becoming an effective communicator in the health and safety sector.

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