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Season 3

Episode 2 with Rosie Killip: Learning Facilitator, Safety Compliance Professional, Founder/Director Building Networks

Unmasking The World of Safety

"If not me, then who? Who's going to speak it out, call it out, say it? A lot of my career has been like that little boy saying to the emperor you've got no clothes on." Rosie Killip

Founder of Building Networks, a business focused on teaching building, fire, and safety compliance. Rosie's approach to safety and compliance is deeply informed by her varied experiences and her belief in the power of speaking out and advocating for change in the industry. Her unique view and experience makes her a distinct voice in safety and compliance training and advocacy.

Here are our top takeaways:

Evolving Narrative:
Di discusses her transition from focusing on her past to looking towards the future. She reflects on how her speaking engagements initially served as a cathartic process and later evolved into performances that led to significant recognition and opportunities.

Career Reflections and Challenges:
Rosie speaks about her diverse career journey, including quality assurance and safety in a car factory, emphasising how each role contributed to her current expertise. She also discusses the challenges faced by retired colleagues and the need to constantly address new safety issues.

Building Networks and Compliance Training:
Rosie introduces her business, Building Networks, which focuses on teaching building, fire, and safety compliance. She addresses the complexities in the industry, such as performance-based legislation, and the importance of empowering people to understand and implement safety measures.

Advocating for Safety and Change:
The conversation turns to the importance of speaking out for safety, using technology effectively, and the need for integration in regulatory and operational aspects of safety. Rosie emphasises the importance of proactive safety measures and the impact of compliance on everyday business operations.

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